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THE MUSIC CONVO ist eine Video-Interviewreihe, in der Musikproduzent und Künstler SLVN interessante Newcomer*innen/Musiker*innen zum Gespräch ins South Productions Studio einlädt. In THE MUSIC CONVO geht es um Musik, künstlerische Vision beim Songwriting, den Produktionsprozess, Mixing und Mastering, sowie um die Musiker*innen selbst. Eine Talkshow für Musikinteressierte!


Reevkin (Electro-Pop)

If you like James Blake, then German artist Reevkin will probably fit your aural taste buds nicely.

The Cologne-based electronic pop artist makes his debut with ‚Careless‘, an artfully composed synth-pop arrangement that plays on subtle chords and atmospheric layers of laid-back, soulful R&B-inflected vocals and lurking keys.

The Manana People (Folk)

Homemade freak-folk and psych-country curiosities, ranging from theremin-driven honky tonk smashers, zombie-themed electropop ballads and horror spirituals. The Mañana People’s output manages to swing harmoniously between the gutters of experimentation and the comfortable lightness of pop music.

Artosha (Urban Pop, R'n'B)

Dancer, Feminist, Singer and Songwriter ….Artosha is an emerging creative artist from cologne who is influenced by HipHop, R’n’B and Soul music.